About Spring-Forth

CMH Spring-Forth Business Solutions is a duly registered business in Ghana and founded to provide business support services to companies to position their businesses for competitiveness and growth. We manage; support and provide bespoke solutions to budding entrepreneurs, SMEs, and foreign companies and individuals who are setting up businesses in Ghana.With over 25 years combined expertise in different fields in business, our team of seasoned professionals provides solutions that fit our client’s budget and one that will provide increased revenue; cut costs and save time. We work with businesses to develop a deep understanding of their organization’s culture, needs, and business objectives.We hope to be a lifelong partner with our business clients. We have handled work assignments for award-winning companies such as Homefood Processing and Canary Limited, Body Butter Company, Wanjo Foods, Kawa Moka, Evidence Trust Diagnostic Center (Elektromediks) and Worldwork Logistics Services, and Superior Diagnostics and Imaging Center LLC.

Spring-Forth business provides business support services that:

  1. Save Time: Save 50 percent of our clients’ time so they can focus on their core business;
  2. Save Money: We satisfy our clients’ specific business needs and do so within their budget;
  3. Support Leanness and Profitability: Our services allow businesses to stay lean, profitable and worry less about space to seat new employees;
  4. Exceed our clients’ expectations. We go over and above to satisfy our customers.

Our Core Values

Client-Oriented, Dependable, Trustworthy, Respect for Individuality, Passion, and Drive, Innovative, Exceed Expectations.

Provide a cutting-edge and one-stop shop for all business support services for small and medium scale companies in Ghana.