At Spring-Forth, we work to recruit right the first time! We understand the local terrain, the dynamics of business and the human resource base in Ghana. We believe employees are a driving force in your organization, thus having the right employees with the right mindset and ownership is critical to the success of your business. We critically seek candidates who share your company’s values and want to grow with you.

We provide the following:

Permanent/Temporary Placement: We source for and provide all types of professionals to fill senior, mid or lower level positions either on full or part–time basis. Our rigorous and hands-on recruitment activities target and select candidates who exhibit a sense of ownership, embodies the company’s values and will grow with the company.

Our recruitment services cover the following tasks/activities:

  • Develop Job Descriptions (JDs) in collaboration with the client;
  • Pre-screen candidates;
  • Conduct three levels of oral and practical interview sessions in collaboration with clients;
  • Conduct background checks before a successful applicant is placed on the hire;
  • Organize and conduct orientation at the request of clients.