• Foreign entities in the United States who want to do business in Ghana
  • Ghanaians in the United States who want to do business in Ghana

Who are we?

  • Business consultancy established to provide business support services to diaspora businesses and to position them for competitiveness and growth
  • A team of consultant experts with over 25 years combined expertise in different fields of business both locally and internationally

Our Services

  • Business Registration
  • Market Research
  • Facilitate real estate acquisition
  • Help navigate legal and bureaucratic bottle necks in Ghana
  • Serve as local representatives in Ghana
  • Business location search
  • Local partnership matchups
  • Network and business contact with different industry players

Why Spring-Forth Business Solutions?

  • In-depth understanding of the business terrain in Ghana
  • We are passionate and intentional about:
  • Providing solutions which fit the budget of prospective diaspora businesses
  • Reducing considerably, time and costs involved in establishing business inĀ  Ghana